[squeak-dev] Package Hierarchy Map

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 16:25:50 UTC 2013

One thing that might help us sort methods and organize methods into
packages is try to decide what we think the responsibilities of those
packages are.  Here is a suggested hierarchy where the most-indented
are the lowest level packages and the most outdented are the highest
level packages.

I might be helpful to be driven by where we think, *semantically*, the
behaviors you're moving around belong rather than being driven by "any
place but here because it creates a cycle".

It probably won't be possible to eliminate the cycles between the
three lowest-level packages, but hopefully from the ones above that.

(and everything else)
     ST80 -- Not sure about this one, but seems like it should be
"legacy" Smalltalk stuff rather than low-level stuff.
          Tools -- Domain models that describe and operate tool windows.
               System -- catch-all for System'y things.  Does not
include any tool-windows.
               Balloon -- Graphics framework.
                    Graphics -- Things related to graphical output.
Bit-blitting and canvas stuff.  NOT Morphic stuff.
                    Multilingual -- Things related to internationalization.
                         Kernel -- Lowest-level things besides
collections and error-handling.
                              Collections -- collections.
                                   Exceptions -- Error-handling things.


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