[squeak-dev] box4 processes and a SqueakMap archive

Chris Cunnington websela at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 15:56:06 UTC 2014

squeak.org and squeakmap now have their own directories, named processes, and daemontools supervise processes in box4. 
The usernames and passwords are in a newly created /root/Log file. 

I copied the sm directory from box2 to box4. It's 1G. I'll use it to make an archive page for the new SMServer. 

The new SMServer image will contain two maps, two instances of SMSqueakMap: the 7000 series (new and empty); and, the 5000 series (archive). 
The archive will be read only. SqueakMap will no longer allow users to upload files to the server. The intent is to emphasize existing repositories, mcz files, and scripts. 

The SqueakMap in-image client will access the new, empty map. Access to the old map will be through the web browser for file download only. 


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