[squeak-dev] Services, Universes, SqueakMap browser all seem broken in 4.5

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Apr 10 20:07:53 UTC 2014

On 10-04-2014, at 12:49 PM, Chris Muller <ma.chris.m at gmail.com> wrote:

>> I turn it on. I browse some selector's implementations. A MessageTrace is built (I trapped that ok) but if I ask for implementors or senders of any method in the list I get a separate browser rather than the added methods in the same list. If I toggle break in MessageTrace>browseAllCallsOn: it never gets run.
>> Open a plain image straight out of a download. The preference is already set. Open a system browser and pick a method. Click on the 'implementors' button - the browser that opens has a model that is a MessageTrace. That seems to demonstrate that the preference is actually 'true'. Click on 'senders' in the method browser & choose one of the menu of selectors. I expected to see the senders added to the method browser.
> Ah, okay.  Long-story short -- use the Command+n hot-key.

Suggestion; change the help text in the preferences browser to make that a bit clearer. A useful tool that you can’t easily discover and use isn’t really there.

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