[squeak-dev] Float parsed as a Fraction bug

J. Vuletich (mail lists) juanlists at jvuletich.org
Fri Aug 8 22:53:59 UTC 2014

Quoting Stéphane Rollandin <lecteur at zogotounga.net>:

>> The only drawback I found is that some fractions become a bit more
>> "complex" when printed, e.g. 3/4 => 75e-2
> In my view, this is a *big* drawback. When I print 3/4, I want to  
> see 3/4 printed.
> Stef

See my response to Levente from a minute ago. In Cuis, the only place  
where it prints '75e-2' is when decompiling a method whose source code  
actually said '75e-2'.

Juan Vuletich

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