[squeak-dev] MutliByteFileStream - failing test fixed

Chris Cunningham cunningham.cb at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 02:35:58 UTC 2014


I would move to include
<http://source.squeak.org/@DkMJpXbIY68oFww2/AiqHJsnF?31> (which makes the
failing test omre informative)
<http://source.squeak.org/@DkMJpXbIY68oFww2/AiqHJsnF?25> (which fixes the
source so the test doesn't fail)

This is rather a brute-force approach to fixing the test, although if you
want the legacy behaviour (ignoring line ending), either don't set a line
ending converter, or pass wantsLineEndConversion: false to the stream; in
either of these cases, the new logic would be bypassed (correctly) and
there should be no peformance hit at all.  There could be otherwise; if
anyone notices one, let me know - i have an idea how to deal with it, but
would rather not until someone NEEDS it.


(ps - could someone with Developer/Admin access please delete
<http://source.squeak.org/@DkMJpXbIY68oFww2/AiqHJsnF?28> from the inbox?
 It is wrong.)
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