[squeak-dev] Re: A UTC based implementation of DateAndTime

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 15:56:43 UTC 2014

> > So the current behavior of two equal dates being considered not-equal is
> > as jarring as your counter example of two non-equal dates (different
> > timezone) being considered equal.


> There doesn't seem to be an easy, direct solution because I'm assuming we
> don't have a primitive for "the offset at this location on X date in the
> past". So the next best thing might be a PlatonicDate (obviously a
> name-in-progress :)) that represents the abstract idea of a Date without
> regard to location, and then an object to connect a particular place/offset
> to that concept (but the second one would have the same problem as we
> currently have).

Well, for me at least, the solution we chose for Squeak has been working
well.  Here's the main discussion:

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