[squeak-dev] Please make http://ftp.squeak.org/current_stable/ redirect to http://ftp.squeak.org/4.5/ (is 4.4 currently))

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Jul 12 22:41:39 UTC 2014

On 12-07-2014, at 11:27 AM, David T. Lewis <lewis at mail.msen.com> wrote:
> Wouldn't it be good to have the "Downloads" tab provide links to the Squeak
> all-in-one for the convenient quick start download, to the current_stable
> directory for images, to the current_development directory for bleeding edge,
> and to squeakvm.org for VMs? That would be accompanied by a brief explanation
> of what these things are (older squeak.org sites had this, so we can probably
> find the text). New users would be guided to download the all-in-one to
> get started quickly, but they would at least be starting out with an idea
> of what is in that all-in-one. And people who want to download a stable
> image would find a link to it from the downloads page.


I suggest that the front page ‘Download’ column should have the mentions of the Documentation and Downloads pages made into links, for a start. It might be smart to relabel the big button to ‘Download AllInOne’ to be really clear. 

The actual Downloads page ought to reiterate the value of the AllInOne for general use on recent x86 hardware and then explain the alternatives. It would be nice to have a simple zip of the 4.5 final & a recent trunk and maybe 4.4 image/changes files and of course an explanation that you need the sources zipfile too. Obviously we need pointers to relevant VM download & install pages.

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