[squeak-dev] Spur + DateAndTime: bug?

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 21:36:14 UTC 2014

Why not just cleanly list the name of the failing test and nothing else?
 Tests are only understood and debugged in the running image, not from a
cryptic message reported on the build website.  It certainly can't be fixed
and committed without running the test in the image anyway.

So why do we want to see that debugging noise in the build-server reports?

On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 4:11 PM, Frank Shearar <frank.shearar at gmail.com>

> http://build.squeak.org/job/SqueakTrunkOnSpur/31/testReport/junit/KernelTests.Chronology/DateAndTimeTest/testReadFrom/
> shows a not-very-helpful test failure report: Expected
> '2002-05-1...etc... but was '2002-05-1...etc....
> If build.squeak.org is anything like my machine, that failure might
> more profitably be reported as:
> Expected '2002-05-16T17:20:00+00:00' but was '2002-05-16T17:20:00+01:00'
> from this assertion:
> self assert: '2002-05-16T17:20:00+00:00' equals: ' 2002-05-16T17:20'
> asDateAndTime printString.
> Is this expected (because of changes in datetime primitives)?
> frank
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