[squeak-dev] Need text morph that isn't editable

Trygve Reenskaug trygver at ifi.uio.no
Wed Jul 16 04:59:46 UTC 2014

I need a text morph that the user can't edit.  Currently, I am |using 
PluggableTextMorph |and fiddle the |mouseDownPriority|. Ugly hack?

I miss a msg to the text morph like
//|isEditable: false|/.//
Any ideas?

Trygve Reenskaug      mailto: trygver at ifi.uio.no
Morgedalsvn. 5A       http://folk.uio.no/trygver/
N-0378 Oslo             http://fullOO.info
Norway                     Tel: (+47) 22 49 57 27
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