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Thu Jul 17 23:55:02 UTC 2014

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Monticello-eem.594
Ancestors: Monticello-eem.593

If browsing packages and branches separately ensure that
root packages with versions newer than loaded branches
are still shown bold (but not underlined) in the repository

e.g. in a Spur image with an older version of Collections.spur
if we inspect trunk we need to see that there is a newer
version of Collections if it exists, cuz then we know we could
create a patched Spur version of that newer Collections pkg.



Name: Compression-nice.43
Ancestors: Compression-nice.42

Base the String compression support #zipped and #unzipped on ByteArray.

Note 1: surprisingly, compression now seems to work on WideString even if the zipped size is not a multiple of 4... This deserves more testing, but can't be worse than previous behavior which was completely broken.

Note 2: despite the double conversion, working on ByteArray is not slower according to a few naive bench (maybe due to predimensionning of the buffer).



Name: Tools-eem.524
Ancestors: Tools-eem.523

Add a menu pick to file out a specific version from the
method versions browser.



Name: Compression-nice.44
Ancestors: Compression-nice.43

Oops, I committed too fast.
ByteArray>>asWideString is a trap, it answers a ByteString whenever size \\ 4 ~= 0.

This version works better for WideString.



Name: Compression-nice.45
Ancestors: Compression-nice.44

Expunge RWBinaryOrTextStream insanity from two more methods.
Let the comment of these methods tell the awfull truth about ZipArchiveMember: uncompressing is latin1-centric.



Name: Graphics-nice.294
Ancestors: Graphics-nice.293

Remove an ounce of Stream complexity...
Next question is why the hell shall we return a ReadWriteStream?



Name: Collections.spur-ul.573
Ancestors: Collections-ul.573

Collections-ul.573 patched for Spur by SpurBootstrapMonticelloPackagePatcher Cog-eem.168

Character changes
- introduced #encodedCharSet to access the EncodedCharSet of a character
- all methods use #encodedCharSet instead of (EncodedCharSet charSetAt: self leadingChar)
- #isAlphaNumeric uses the EncodedCharSet class's #isAlphaNumeric: method



Name: Graphics-nice.295
Ancestors: Graphics-nice.294

Answer to my own question: why do we need to return a ReadWriteStream from compressedMIMEEncodedStream?
We don't. We need a ReadStream.
But since it's just for getting its contents, we do not need a Stream at all, just a String...

The sole usage is in System and will be changed right after this one.



Name: System-nice.673
Ancestors: System-dtl.672

Continue to disentangle the nest of vipers, one knot at a time.
Replace usage of compressedMIMEEncodedStream, because
- we do not need a ReadWriteStream (such requirement should be so rare)
- we do not even need a ReadStream
- we just need a String
So let's use a String



Name: System-nice.674
Ancestors: System-nice.673

Remove SmartRefStream class>>streamedRepresentationOf: which is essentially the same as super.
The sole difference is that it tries to close the RWBinaryOrTextStream, but this is a no-op...


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