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Mon Jul 28 23:55:03 UTC 2014

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Graphics-nice.299
Ancestors: Graphics-nice.298

Continue cleaning of RWBinaryOrTextStream reset uggliness:
- don't reset the stream in ImageReadWriter initialization (>>on:)
- reset the stream after sending #understandsImageFormat:
- make sure the stream is still binary after the reset in JPEGReadWriter class>>understandsImageFormat: - NOTE: from what I understand, RWBinaryOrTextStream and it's Multi alternative are those loosing the binary property, not FileStream... These swiss knife streams are really a next of undue complexity. This workaround should go away when we finally get rid of them.



Name: Collections-eem.578
Ancestors: Collections-nice.577

Implement peekLast in TranscriptStream.
Implement WriteStream>>ensureEndsWith: in terms of peekLast.



Name: Collections-nice.579
Ancestors: Collections-eem.578

Implement #peekLast in RWBinaryOrTextStream because it has to care whether isBinary or not.



Name: Collections-nice.580
Ancestors: Collections-nice.579

peekLast commit and try again...



Name: CollectionsTests-nice.222
Ancestors: CollectionsTests-nice.221

Document how peekLast and peekBack should work when sent to a RWBinaryOrTextStream.



Name: System-nice.682
Ancestors: System-nice.681

Use peekLast in ReferenceStream rather than skip: -1; next.
This is now going to work on a simple WriteStream (no ReadWriteStream requirement).

Note: I don't understand what was a uggly workaround, the fact to peekLast, or (byteStream skip: 0)?
If it's (byteStream skip: 0), I don't know what it works around, and I just cross fingers...
The sole reference google got me was too far and too light  http://st-www.cs.illinois.edu/squeak/Squeak2.0/updates/152hide&show-LG-tk.cs



Name: System-nice.683
Ancestors: System-nice.682

Let a WriteStream be smart by moving the capability to fileOutClass:andObject: up from ReadWriteStream.

Note: I really don't believe that any of these messages belongs to a Stream hierarchy.
But disentangling the stream mess means loosen more than one knot, and I don't want the operation to look like conjuring, we need a careful trace for understanding, dissecting and reverting the potentially lost features, so one change at a time.


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