[squeak-dev] Re: New Cog VMs available

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Nov 21 19:06:31 UTC 2014

This is a touch puzzling. I’m trying to work out how the changes to BItBltPlugin I checked in last night could possibly cause this and I’m coming up blank.

The actual changes were -
add an extra bit of init to the initialiseModule code for builds where ENABLE_FAST_BLT is true. This code was already in the plain interp code as of about a year ago and somehow got missed in the cog code.
add a new prim stub, again mostly wrapped in ENABLE_FAST_BLT so that it should be null for most platforms.

Also update Ben’s fast blt for ARM code, which has support for the new prim.

I could imagine ARM vms having problems if something went wrong - maybe I managed to miss a file? - but other platforms? That’s nuts.

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