[squeak-dev] Seaside 64-bit

Chris Cunnington brasspen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 00:06:06 UTC 2015

This is a script to load Seaside2.8 into 64-bit Squeak (and will work on 32-bit as I just did on the 4.6 All-In-One). The Projects page has a Seaside3 Metacello script which I find incomplete as it includes no server, no subclass of the Seaside adaptor class and does not present the server control panel on the World or in the menu. 



	Installer ss 
	project: 'KomHttpServer';
	install: 'KomServices-lr.21';
	install: 'DynamicBindings-lr.1';
	install: 'KomHttpServer-DwightManhertz.67'.
(Installer ss3)
	project: 'SeasideLemon';
	install: 'Seaside2'.
	WAKom start: 9666

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