[squeak-dev] Update stream transition

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 20:24:31 UTC 2015

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"update to latest cog version but not spur..."

| url repository updateList updater lastUpdateMap config |
url := MCMcmUpdater defaultUpdateURL.
repository := MCRepositoryGroup default repositories 
			detect:[:r| r description = url]
			ifNone:[ | r |
				r := MCHttpRepository location: url user: '' password: ''.
				MCRepositoryGroup default addRepository: r.
updater :=  [MCMcmUpdater default] ifError: [MCMcmUpdater].
lastUpdateMap := [updater lastUpdateMap] ifError: [MCMcmUpdater classPool at: #LastUpdateMap].
updateList := updater updateListFor: repository.
updateList := updateList select: [:e | e key < 323].
updateList := updater refreshUpdateMapFor: repository with: updateList.
updateList do:[:assoc|
				ProgressNotification signal: '' extra: 'Processing ', assoc value.
				config := repository versionNamed: assoc value.
				updater updateFromConfig: config.
				lastUpdateMap at: repository description put: assoc key.
			] displayingProgress: 'Processing configurations'.
config ifNil: [^updater inform: 'Unable to retrieve updates from remote repository.' translated].
config setSystemVersion.
updater inform: ('Update completed.
Current update number: ' translated, SystemVersion current highestUpdate).

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