[squeak-dev] Daily Commit Log

commits at source.squeak.org commits at source.squeak.org
Thu Aug 6 21:55:02 UTC 2015

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Kernel-cmm.937
Ancestors: Kernel-cmm.936

- #hasBreakpoint is now needed by Kernel, but must be able to operate independently of System's BreakpointManager.



Name: System-cmm.756
Ancestors: System-cmm.755

CompiledMethod>>#hasBreakpoint was moved back to Kernel.



Name: ReleaseBuilder-cmm.128
Ancestors: ReleaseBuilder-cmm.127

- Ensure a "FileList initialize" per request from Karl.
- Ensure to flushAllCaches of Monticello for the release.
- Reverse decision to #condenseSources as part of #prepareNewRelease, because we need to release a new 5.0 without a new SqueakV50.sources.
- Certainly don't condenseSources in #prepareNextVersionAlpha either.
- Set some preferences which were not explicitly set.


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