Re: [squeak-dev] How to input diacritics (like á, é, ó, ã...)

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Wed Aug 12 19:18:09 UTC 2015

Em 11-08-2015 22:25, Jecel Assumpcao Jr. escreveu:
> Casimiro,
>> I'm developing a little parser and need to enter characters of Portuguese language like
>> á, é, ã, õ, ê... but using the traditional method what happens is that I get a?, e? so on and
>> so forth. Platform Linux (utf-8). Help appreciated.
> This has always worked just fine on the Mac and in Windows, but the Unix
> 3.6-3 VM (released on April 2, 2004) changed things so you should set
> the LC_CTYPE/LC_ALL environment variables in the shell that invokes
> squeak. If you use the -nointl option for the VM then dead keys are
> disabled (try "squeak --help").
I'm using cog_spur. With the traditional VM diacritics worked OK, but in
cog diacritics have always been a problem that I masked by using English.
> My own shell doesn't have the LC* variables set (it used to have it back
> in 2004, but that probably got lost in some upgrade over the years) but
> everything still seems to work for this 4.0.3-2202 VM. I use a ABNT2
> keyboard. SQUEAK_ENCODING is set to 'UTF-8'.
> Good luck!
> -- Jecel

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