[squeak-dev] Regex

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Thu Aug 13 11:18:47 UTC 2015

On 13.08.2015, at 13:10, Levente Uzonyi <leves at elte.hu> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've ported Pharo's version of VB-Regex to Squeak, and uploaded it to the Inbox. Unfortunately the file was probably too large for the server to send an email about it. Just evaluate the following snippet to install it:
> Installer squeakInbox
> 	addPackage: 'Regex-Core-ul.37.mcz';
> 	addPackage: 'Regex-Tests-Core-ul.1.mcz';
> 	install.

To the trunk, I'd say!

Best regards

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