[squeak-dev] PDX -- a quick and dirty roundup

Chris Cunnington brasspen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 15:58:13 UTC 2015

News (from my perspective):

- Dolphin ST is still alive and available (link below)

- Ken Dickey has a nifty morph control gui kit called Emergence on Cuis
that looks Maui-esque (link below)

- Camp Smalltalk Vanisle is intended to go in October even though they have
not announced yet

- No Cincom people were here.

- Dale and Paul worked on Metacello. This:

(Installer repository: '

    install: 'ConfigurationOfSeaside3'.

((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfSeaside3) project version: #stable) load:
#('Development' 'Welcome' 'RSS-Examples' 'Seaside-Email' 'Seaside-Examples'
'Seaside-Tools-Web' 'WebClient')

will fail in Squeak for the time being until Metacello adds some kind of
recognition parameters for Squeak 5.0. It will choke by asking for

- Paul is trying to connect to LMDB via BerkeleyDB plugin which he has code
for on his Github (links below)

- There are pictures below of the Sat. evening dinner (link below)

- Chris Thorgrimsson is about to release to the VW Store a package called
PCAPNG which slices and dices Wireshark data down to the header level and
lets you write your own filters. Alexander Bergel is expected to port it to
Pharo. I made noises saying I might do bring it to Squeak but likely need
to walk back from that position

- I presented about Orange, a wiki I'm working on in Altitude inspired by
TinyWiki that uses Xtreams PEG parsing

- Sean presented about Gamour and gt toolkit

- Martin presented about Mist and Fog his Smalltalk implementation that
will never know C in any form

- Seth of Instantiations presented about in-Workspace any-language code

- I finally understood why Richie down in Buenos Aires sounded like he was
speaking Mayan when I asked him about the kind of Smalltalk he was using
when I saw him present at ESUG in 2011. If I recall correctly, he was using
Visual Smalltalk Enterprise which is derived from Digitalk and was bought
by Cincom, which made the image unavailable to anybody, but sold the rights
to the VM to a company called Seagull, which sells the source code to
anybody for $50,000. This made sense only to people who already had the
image (i.e. Richie and LabWare) and looked like perversity to anybody else.
You see why I didn't (and probably still don't) understand.

- There is a company in Delaware called LabWare. They like Smalltalk. They
have the above mentioned VM which a woman I met here (I think her name is
Diane) has been upgrading by adding UTF8 and such. Their VM developer team
was here at PDX (Boris, Andreas, Diane and Dave) and they are designing a
VM from scratch. They tell me they will open source it. This was followed
by the irritating news that they don't have any idea when they will even
start a blog on the topic. It's sounds fascinating, so here's hoping they

- James Foster presented a Gemstone to SQL database at ESUG that uses
PetitParser and showed it here at PDX

- The CSS and JavaScript libraries of the week mentioned at PDX included
AngularJS, FlexBox, Google Materials, Angular Materials, Polymer, Ember and

- Some young programers are working on a new Smalltalk from an 80s paper by
Wirfs-Brock called ModTalk (link below). It's modular and I don't think it
has #become:

- I learned more about #become: from a patient Martin by showing him code
in VMMaker. The struggle is ongoing.

That's the broad strokes for me. I imagine other people had different








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