[squeak-dev] How to get rid of instances of ExternalUnixOSProcess

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Feb 7 16:23:19 UTC 2015

Hi Dave,

Am 07.02.2015 um 03:58 schrieb David T. Lewis:
> Hi Herbert, I think I finally came up with a way to handle this 
> problem in a better way. I changed the child process registry to be a 
> list of recent child processes, and set it up so the list gets pruned 
> to a reasonable size every time a new child process is registered. I 
> kept "OSProcess thisOSProcess allMyChildren" as a way to get a 
> dictionary of recent child processes, so this is still easy to browse 
> as before. For your application with home automation, you should see 
> the child process list maintained at a maximum size of 20, trimmed 
> continuously as each new process is started. The update on 
> squeaksource.com is: Name: OSProcess-dtl.95 Author: dtl Time: 6 
> February 2015, 9:02:45.087 pm UUID: 
> aaffb554-75d2-406d-be2b-f9d83428f6a8 Ancestors: OSProcess-dtl.94 
> OSProcess 4.5.16 The allMyChildren registry is convenient for 
> browsing, but should not be allowed to accumulate exited children 
> without limit. Change it from a dictionary to an ordered collection, 
> retaining #allMyChildren as a method that answers a dictionary of 
> process proxies by pid. Internally keep a list of recent children, and 
> prune the list to a reasonable size each time a new child process is 
> registered. 
> Dave 

I'll try this next, it sounds good. Especially as unregistering the 
processes failed though I tried to unregister them with the changed 
version of the method. But my problems are not from a growing 
allMyChildren so I'll open another thread for this.



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