[squeak-dev] Fwd: [Newbies] How do I start Squeak on Raspberry Pi ?

Kirk Fraser overcomer.man at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 16:44:55 UTC 2015

Please update Squeak 4.5 All-In-One so it works on Raspberry Pi with the
default OS (which should be about as popular as OLPC).

In Terminal I entered ./squeak.sh and got a popup:
This Squeak version does not support Linux-armv6|

Also, for beginners, the download webpage should be updated.
1) Mention double-clicking on squeak.sh and other ways of starting Squeak
in Linux, which are all different from double-clicking on Squeak.exe
2) Update or remove the FunSqueak Demo Image which requires beginners to do
brain surgery to make it work.  Replace it with a one click download.
 (Personally I saw no value in FunSqueak other than the name.  So how about
replacing it with a Squeak 4.5 preloaded to do all the things shown on the
screenshots on www.squeak.org)


Kirk Fraser
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