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Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Tue Feb 17 10:44:02 UTC 2015


unless we run under a real time OS the OS will prevent a process from 
getting CPU cycles for arbitrary timespans.
So you cannot ensure that a Squeak program on a Pi will prevent a car 
from bumping into an obstacle even if you set a very short pause time 
for GC. Otherwise I'd set the pause equal to the longest time the OS 
will pause Squeak.



Am 17.02.2015 um 05:06 schrieb Eliot Miranda:
> Instead of turning off GC, which will mean that eventually you'll run 
> out if memory, you should ask what is the maximum pause time you want. 
>  Pause times for the scavenger in Sour are around a millisecond on 
> typical hardware.  Spur will introduce an incremental global scan-mark 
> to collect old space some time this year and it will be set to have 
> similar pause times as the scavenger.  So how far would your car drift 
> in 2ms?  If you could tune the VM to pause for less than this, what 
> pause time would be acceptable?  Can you provide the  range of times 
> that spans from marginal to more than satisfactory?

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