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Wed Jul 1 21:55:02 UTC 2015

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Tools-eem.626
Ancestors: Tools-mt.625

Upgrade MessageSet class>>parse:toClassAndSelector:
to allow one to construct text links in modern syntax, e.g.
BitBlt class>>#subPixelRenderColorFonts



Name: ReleaseBuilder-mt.125
Ancestors: ReleaseBuilder-cmm.124

Restore setting the background in release builder's #setPreferences46 so that our build server produces trunk images with correct preferences again. #prepareNewBuild: is agnostic to the current release version.

Note: We should find out why #prepareNewBuild: requires another try to set the background and where that background gets overridden. It is not good to put version-specific code into a version-agnostic method.



Name: System-eem.745
Ancestors: System-cmm.744

Rewrite Preferences to eliminate the AccessProtect.
Use a copy, update copy, assign scheme to update
the preferences dictionary atomically.

Change Preferences access method compilation to
use Object>>#value to eliminate a block creation.

Change Preference initialization to eliminate the
isKindOf: Symbol.

This is step 1.  Given SystemPreferences it is clear
that the preferences dictionary should be stored in
a class inst var, so that SystemPreferences and
Preferences can share methods but access different
dictionaries.  The dictionaryOfProferences[:] accessors
are dubious as they break encapsulatiopn.  For example,
the reportPreferences: method, which is the only external
access, could insateaqd be moved into Preferences class.



Name: System-eem.746
Ancestors: System-eem.745

First part of Preferences putsch to move preferences dictionary from class var to inst var.  Also update class comment to describe preference pragmas.



Name: System-eem.747
Ancestors: System-eem.746

Second part of putsch.  Move preferences dictionary from class var to inst var.  Remove the setter, and makde the getter, currently used only by SystemReporter, answer a copy.



Name: System-ul.748
Ancestors: System-eem.747

- Iterate over pragmas once per method instead of once per pragma in Preferences class>>prefEvent:.
- There's no need to copy preferencesDictionary in Preferences class>>storePreferencesIn:, because it's a read-only data structure.
- Ensure the durability of the changes of preferencesDictionary in Preferences class>>atomicUpdatePreferences: by checking for changes before overwriting it.



Name: Services-Base-eem.56
Ancestors: Services-Base-mt.55

ServicePreferences as per System-eem.747.  Move preferences dictionary from class var to inst var.



Name: System-eem.749
Ancestors: System-ul.748

Revert storePreferencesIn: to work with a copy,
which accords with the old code.  Go for brevity
in prefEvent:.



Name: Network-cmm.161
Ancestors: Network-ul.160

Remove the methods overridden by WebClient, since that has now been folded into base Squeak.



Name: Help-Squeak-Project-cmm.25
Ancestors: Help-Squeak-Project-kfr.24

- Update internal release notes in the Help Browser.  (no need to use a release-specific method).
- Release Notes has duplication with the one in TheWorldMainDockingBar which will be addressed later.



Name: WebClient-HTTP-cmm.3
Ancestors: WebClient-HTTP-topa.2

Recategorize methods so they are no longer overrides.  WebClient is now part of Squeak.


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