[squeak-dev] [OT] Dedicated to Chris and all people on Squeak, SqueakRos and Cuis list

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 08:54:51 UTC 2015

On 6/4/15, 8:43 PM, "Raymond Asselin" <jgr.asselin at me.com> wrote:

> Edgar is a Man who like kidding!
> There is nothing to put on de password side.
> Envoyé de mon iPhone
>> Le 2015-06-04 à 18:50, Phil (list) <pbpublist at gmail.com> a écrit :
>>> On Thu, 2015-06-04 at 13:04 -0300, Edgar J. De Cleene wrote:
>>> You must see for believe
>>> User: visita
>>> Pass: nothing here
>>> Still needs a lot of work , but
>> I can't login in with that login info (the authentication dialog keeps
>> coming back up)
>>> Edgar
>>> @morplenauta en twitter
I should write no password or let the password blank.

And for kidding, I wish my English was good enough for doing the
SqueakLightChronicles in English.

The story begins with SqueakLight and the amazing SBlog people.
At the time use for take notes for myself in humour style.
Then I use Pharo with Pier and MinimalMorphic with Aida.
Some time ago with my Squeak forks, the last in use is SqueakRosCore4dot5.

Inside the system I have.

Complete Squeak swiki.
Technical notes for myself.
SqueakLightChronicles , things what happening around.
Experimental Web 2.0 with all kind of external GitHub projects.
Without Node,js, NPM, Bower, Angular, Meteor, React or tons of things you
put in the machine for render HTML5.

Consecuences ?

Mi iMac refuse to run any Pharo,Cuis or Squeak Web in Yosemite.
But same .image runs if I boot of external disk with Snow Leopard and in
another Mac Yosemite where I never run the original GitHub project for see
how I made same without JavaScript ecosystem

Explore it with /news, should see last Squeak Swiki and any I touch the last

/sysCom should list commands the system understand.

Consider all a giant sandbox in continuos change.


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