[squeak-dev] Re: Mac Squeak binary virtual machine for Squeak 3.10.2

Trygve Reenskaug trygver at ifi.uio.no
Tue Jun 9 16:07:21 UTC 2015

Hi Chris,
I'm sorry to say that your advice didn't work. Worse: The Squeak 
community has lost a valuable contributor, a prime mover in the patterns 
and agile communities and the author of several books on OO. My friend 
" /I still can’t find a version of Squeak for my Mac that will run 
Trygve’s current BabyIDE. At this point, even if one appears, it is 
obvious that my dependence on “the introvert Squeak community” will put 
me in a much more fragile position than with any of my other concept 
proofs. It will be extremely difficult to build a future on such fragile 

I came to Xerox PARC and Smalltalk in 1978 where I made my contributions 
to Smalltalk-80. Since then, I have been working almost exclusively with 
Smalltalk. My company invested in a VW class library of more than 
100,000 lines of Smalltalk code and used it in our consulting. A strong 
selling point was that our tenders were accompanied by a demo version of 
the program we offered to deliver. Our library and applications were 
repeatedly threatened by new versions of VW. The code is now dead; there 
is no VM that will run our old images. The investment is lost.

I hoped Squeak would be better. It isn't. Squeak is less stable than VW 
ever was. My new programming paradigm, DCI, is supported by BabyIDE that 
runs under Squeak 3.10. I have ported BabyIDE to 4.5, but there are new 
bugs caused by differences between 3.10 and 4.5. The result is that I 
have reverted to 3.10 because it's too much hassle to run after the 
stream of Squeak releases. I thought Pharo would be better, but their 
mailing list conversations indicate that they do not understand that 
developers need a stable foundation for their work.

The result is that I too leave Smalltalk and concentrate on other 
environments. A pity, because I still believe Smalltalk has the 
potential to become a superior environment for non-professional 
programmers. I am particularly thinking of children and experts such as 
computational chemists who use computers in their work.

It's very painful, but I am now terminating development work in Squeak 
leave the Squeak and Pharo mailing lists. I will continue my work in  
some mainstream language. I have just done some work in Java with 
Netbeans and I am buying a book on JavaScript. It's heavy going, but 
better that working for the dustbin.


On 31.05.2015 16:52, Trygve Reenskaug  wrote:
A friend of mine is doing some experiments using a Mac and my program 
Baby IDE.  BabyIDE is works under Squeak 3.10.2. Is there a binary 
virtual machine for a current Mac that he can use?

On 31.05.2015 17:00, Chris Cunnington wrote:
> You need a non-Cog vm. I usually download any Etoys vm. [1]
> From there, drag it onto the vm or right click, choose “Open With” and 
> choose Etoys.
> Chris
> [1] http://squeakland.org/download/
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