[squeak-dev] Mac Squeak binary virtual machine for Squeak 3.10.2

Javier Diaz-Reinoso javier_diaz_r at mac.com
Tue Jun 9 17:22:51 UTC 2015

I download BabyIDE-1-2011.12.ZIP from http://folk.uio.no/trygver/themes/babyide/babyide-index.html <http://folk.uio.no/trygver/themes/babyide/babyide-index.html> and appears to run without problems using the VM I compiled, I think we need more details about what is the problem.

My machine is a MacBook with 10.10.3, I also tested in an old mac mini PowerPC with 10.5.8 using the same VM and also works OK.

> On Jun 9, 2015, at 11:49, David T. Lewis <lewis at mail.msen.com> wrote:
> Hi Trygve,
> Did you see my earlier reply suggesting that you use the VM at
> http://www.squeakvm.org/~lewis/MacOS-test-Javier/ ? I believe that I sent
> it directly to your personal email address, but I don't know if you
> received it.
> The newer Cog VMs used in Squeak all-in-one and Pharo will not work with a
> Squeak 3.10 image, but any of the traditional context interpreter VMs
> (including this recently built VM provided by Javier Diaz-Reinoso) should
> be fine.
> A bit off topic from your orginal question, but I would also encourage you
> to take a look at http://try.squeak.org/ as a source of inspiration. This
> is Bert Freudenberg's remarkable SqueakJS running in a web browser, and it
> might prove quite suitable for certain kinds of software demos where you
> want a run-anywhere capability.
> You should be able to drag and drop your BabyIDE image onto that web page,
> and run it directly in your your web browser with no need to install a VM
> at all.
> HTH,
> Dave
>> Hi Chris,
>> I'm sorry to say that your advice didn't work. Worse: The Squeak
>> community has lost a valuable contributor, a prime mover in the patterns
>> and agile communities and the author of several books on OO. My friend
>> wrote:
>> " /I still can’t find a version of Squeak for my Mac that will run
>> Trygve’s current BabyIDE. At this point, even if one appears, it is
>> obvious that my dependence on “the introvert Squeak community” will
>> put
>> me in a much more fragile position than with any of my other concept
>> proofs. It will be extremely difficult to build a future on such fragile
>> foundations./"
>> I came to Xerox PARC and Smalltalk in 1978 where I made my contributions
>> to Smalltalk-80. Since then, I have been working almost exclusively with
>> Smalltalk. My company invested in a VW class library of more than
>> 100,000 lines of Smalltalk code and used it in our consulting. A strong
>> selling point was that our tenders were accompanied by a demo version of
>> the program we offered to deliver. Our library and applications were
>> repeatedly threatened by new versions of VW. The code is now dead; there
>> is no VM that will run our old images. The investment is lost.
>> I hoped Squeak would be better. It isn't. Squeak is less stable than VW
>> ever was. My new programming paradigm, DCI, is supported by BabyIDE that
>> runs under Squeak 3.10. I have ported BabyIDE to 4.5, but there are new
>> bugs caused by differences between 3.10 and 4.5. The result is that I
>> have reverted to 3.10 because it's too much hassle to run after the
>> stream of Squeak releases. I thought Pharo would be better, but their
>> mailing list conversations indicate that they do not understand that
>> developers need a stable foundation for their work.
>> The result is that I too leave Smalltalk and concentrate on other
>> environments. A pity, because I still believe Smalltalk has the
>> potential to become a superior environment for non-professional
>> programmers. I am particularly thinking of children and experts such as
>> computational chemists who use computers in their work.
>> It's very painful, but I am now terminating development work in Squeak
>> leave the Squeak and Pharo mailing lists. I will continue my work in
>> some mainstream language. I have just done some work in Java with
>> Netbeans and I am buying a book on JavaScript. It's heavy going, but
>> better that working for the dustbin.
>> Cheers
>> --Trygve
>> On 31.05.2015 16:52, Trygve Reenskaug  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A friend of mine is doing some experiments using a Mac and my program
>> Baby IDE.  BabyIDE is works under Squeak 3.10.2. Is there a binary
>> virtual machine for a current Mac that he can use?
>> On 31.05.2015 17:00, Chris Cunnington wrote:
>>> You need a non-Cog vm. I usually download any Etoys vm. [1]
>>> From there, drag it onto the vm or right click, choose “Open With”
>>> and
>>> choose Etoys.
>>> Chris
>>> [1] http://squeakland.org/download/

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