[squeak-dev] DateAndTimeLeapTest>>testAsSeconds is broken

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Thu Dec 1 03:51:05 UTC 2016

DateAndTimeLeapTest>>testAsSeconds is broken. The test passes incorrectly as a
result of a false assertion:

	self assert: aDateAndTime asSeconds = 3255514380.

Where aDateAndTime is specified in #setUp

	aDateAndTime := (DateAndTime year: 2004 month: 2 day: 29 hour: 13 minute: 33 second: 0 offset: 2 hours). 

This time is 2004-02-29T13:33:00+02:00, which in UTC is 2004-02-29T11:33:00+00:00.

The #asSeconds tests should test for elapsed seconds from the Smalltalk epoch
until 2004-02-29T11:33:00+00:00. The correct number of seconds for this duration
is 3255507180, not 3255514380 as asserted in the unit test.

By definition, #asSeconds is the seconds elapsed since the Smalltalk epoch
(see its method comment). By common agreement, the Smalltalk epoch was defined
relative to Greenwich Mean Time (UTC). If these two statements are both true,
then the test is broken.

If there is no disagreement, I will fix the test and allow it to show the failure.


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