[squeak-dev] Morph corner radius set to 8 does surprising things

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Tue Dec 6 01:47:16 UTC 2016

In a plain Squeak 5.1 image, create a RectangleMorph and use its menu to set ‘round corners’.
Open the PreferenceBrowser and find the ‘Preferred Corner Radius’ - in the copy of the release 5.1-16548 I have that is ‘8’.

Now drag the rectangle morph - note how the corners get replaced by funny little filled triangles instead of being rounded!
Now change the preferred radius to 7. Note how the dragging works perfectly well. Try 9. Hell, try any other number.

So far as I can tell only 8 causes a problem. Clearly one answer is “don’t do that” and change the default. But I’m completely baffled as to what is going on here. Why only 8? Why only when being dragged? Right now I’m not able to spot where the drag rendering might diverge.

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