[squeak-dev] pondering Smalltalk scripting in Minecraft

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 15:15:45 UTC 2016

Hi Ben,

    have you seen Bert's work?




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> On Dec 7, 2016, at 12:40 AM, Ben Coman <btc at openinworld.com> wrote:
> Minecraft is immensely popular.  For teaching programming (to kids)
> via Minecraft, the first option is Java, but that might be a bit heavy
> for a pre-teen.  A few lighter options are Lua via Computercraft [1]
> and Javascript via Scriptcraft [2].
> I've tried Computercraft and its quite interesting the way it
> simulates real-life computers and drones, but the drone works slowly
> so my kids end up doing things faster themselves.
> I am in the initial stages of trying Scriptcraft (with Spigot server)
> and making walls, buildings etc is fast, so hopefully my kids will see
> value in using these superpowers.
> But then I wondered whether it might be possible for SqueakJS and
> PharoJS to interface with Minecraft via the Javascript engine.  I was
> interested to discover that the JVM comes with a Javascript engine
> built in [3], "Rhino" [4] for JVM7 and faster "Nashorn" for JVM8 [5].
> So I thought I would just seed the idea in the community to see if
> anyone might be interested to pursue this.  It really would be
> fantastic to use our environment to make mods for Minecraft.  (The
> actual plan for world domination is to build some assets and
> experience with minecraft, and then migrate to a pure Smalltalk 3D
> client and server with GPU backends when that becomes available
> -gnomes)
> Or maybe it would be better to use JNIPort[6] or JavaConnect[7] or
> something else.
> cheers -ben
> [1] http://www.computercraft.info/2016/04/01/computercraft-and-computercraftedu-1-79/
> [2] http://scriptcraftjs.org/
> [3] https://github.com/walterhiggins/ScriptCraft/blob/master/docs/Using-Java-APIs-In-Javascript.md
> [4] https://jaxenter.com/scriptcraft-hacking-minecraft-for-kids-105467.html
> [5] https://www.infoq.com/articles/nashorn
> [6] http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~JNIPort/JNIPort/
> [7] http://www.squeaksource.com/JavaConnect
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