[squeak-dev] Snow*lobe (was "try.squeak.org is in need of some love")

Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Tue Dec 13 02:07:39 UTC 2016


     Tim writes:

> [1] worked first time when we were talking on thurs, but since then I
> see a pale yellow background for a moment and then it goes black[2]...

     Weird; we'll try to figure it out the next time we chat.

     Eliot writes:

> Could the two of you not collaborate on setting up a demo image
> delivered via Snowglobe?

     I'm up for it. Let's hash out the details off-list.

> And Craig, why not SnowGlobe?

     Oh, I wanted to avoid another spelling like "GemStone" which
contributes to people writing "SmallTalk" instead of "Smalltalk". I
think "snowglobe" is common enough variant of "snow globe" in normal
prose. If "Snowglobe" isn't good, I'd rather use a different word and
theme entirely, and free from the temptation to use an embedded capital.
So we can't call it eXistenZ. :)

     "Snowglobe" was in our communication about it for so long that I
thought you were okay with it.

     thanks again,


[1] http://blackpagedigital.com/squeak
[2] (YouTube video which isn't a screencast of the mentioned behavior :)

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