[squeak-dev] InputSensor, EventSensor miscategorised?

Levente Uzonyi leves at caesar.elte.hu
Mon Feb 1 18:58:30 UTC 2016

On Mon, 1 Feb 2016, Chris Muller wrote:

>>>>> I guess the distinction between “Kernel” and “System” isn’t quite clear
>>>>> to me.
>>>> I guess, for me, Kernel contains those things that are essential to a
>>>> running Smalltalk image. System contains stuff that's generally useful
>>>> to most things - most, but not all.
>>> I've long thought that we'll eventually move Array, OrderedCollection,
>>> Set and Dictionary to Kernel so that Collections could be unloaded...
>> You'd also have to move their superclass hierarchy,
> Of course.  That was implied.
>> so that wouldn't really
>> work.
> Why not?

Because that would mean moving at least 20% of the classes of the 
Collections package.

>> There's no need to have a single "kernel" package containing all essential
>> classes, so IMHO it's better to have many kernel packages.
> "Many kernel packages" is what we have now.  So what are we talking

No, we don't. We have some packages with mixed roles. Instead of moving 
the kernel-related collection classes from Colletions to Kernel, you could 
just create a new package, e.g. Kernel-Collections, which would contain 
Such smaller packages can greatly simplify the dependencies between 


> about then?  Just moving things around to different packages based on
> some "improved" notion of subjective semantic classification, with no
> regard for the physical system dependencies?  Why would that be
> beneficial?
> Are Symbols part of any Smalltalk's Kernel?  Yes, so what benefit is
> it to have it in Collections?
> Is LRUCache part of any Smalltalk's Kernel?  No, but if its in
> Collections along with Symbol, then I'm forced to remove it manually
> after loading "many kernel packages" if I just want a Kernel system...

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