[squeak-dev] invoking Command+f deletes text

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 02:30:55 UTC 2016

Hi Marcel, I sometimes need to print the result of an expression, and
then use the text-editors Command+f Find command on the output.  Often
this is in the debugger's code pane, but you can reproduce this in a
regular workspace, for example:

     (1 to: 20) collect: [ : n | n asWords ]   "print it"

Now press [Left-Arrow] to deselect and position the cursor to before
the output text, which is what I want to search.

Now press Command+f.

The find dialog appears, but with the output of the above expression
automagically XcutX out of my text (!) and pasted into the Find
dialog.  Invoking Find should never delete text, it is not a mutative
operation, in any editor.

There's another big problem (literally).  Change the (1 to: 20) above,
to (1 to: 2000) and repeat the print / find.  As you can see, my
use-case cannot be performed in this situation even if it didn't
delete the text..

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