[squeak-dev] trunk thinks its tomorrow

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Feb 18 02:49:03 UTC 2016

> I committed a more invasive “fix”. Looking forward to your overhaul!

Btw, I discovered that utcMicrosecondClock differs from primPosixMicrosecondClockWithOffset - the VM must use a different way to get its time. I worked around that by not using the non-offset prims at all, but it may lead to problems.

In any case, the image now automatically uses the OS’s time zone as reported by primPosixMicrosecondClockWithOffset. To make the tests green I had to make TimeSpan comparison more lenient (treating defaultOffset as wildcard). Basically, if a Date has no timezone set then it will match a Date in any time zone as long as they “look” the same. Possibly a better idea would be to have different classes for dates with and without timezones, but then that may be even more confusing.

I did not remove the timezone handling in Locale startup yet, although it is useless now.

- Bert -

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