[squeak-dev] [ANN] The Squeak Shell

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Mon Jul 11 02:33:11 UTC 2016

This is a really nice demonstration of how Projects work in Squeak. It
is completely different from either Morphic or MVC, and the removal of
the traditional GUI makes it clear that Projects are not directly tied
to any one mode of user interaction.

The shell itself has an interesting conceptual model. We usually think
of a "shell" or "console window" that navigates around file systems,
such that where you are in the shell is based on a current working
directory in a file system. But in SqueakShell we are navigating in
the object space.

And of course the text-mode Squeaky the Mouse logo makes for a compelling
user experience :-)

I would encourage everyone to try loading this and playing around with


On Fri, Jul 08, 2016 at 07:17:26AM -0700, marcel.taeumel wrote:
> Hi, there!
> I am happy to announce a new kind of project for Squeak: "The Squeak Shell".
> :-)
> You can install it into any trunk image via:
> Installer swa
>    project: 'SqueakShell';
>    install: 'SqueakShell'.
> Then you will find a new kind of project under Projects -> New Project ...
> The Squeak Shell is independent from Morphic and MVC. It's architecture is,
> partially, a mixture of both. :-D I wanted to keep it as simple as possible
> while avoiding global state as much as possible.
> My goal is to add it to trunk to simplify modularization of MVC and Morphic.
> For example, we have to extract UserInputEvent and Canvas from Morphic into
> the base system. These would form a splendid addition to other projects
> because object-oriented event processing and displaying is not something
> that only Morphic should have.
> The Squeak Shell helped me refactor Squeak's project mechanism. It also
> revealed potential improvements for our Debugger, which I am going to
> address later this year. One goal is to make Squeak more robust and mitigate
> the risk of getting locked out of the system.
> Here is the interesting part: It can be used to recover from
> serious/recursive errors in Morphic and MVC. When you open a new Morphic
> project from within a Squeak Shell project, the shell will appear then. Only
> recursive errors in the shell will then start our traditional emergency
> evaluator.
> Some figures: 12 classes, 274 methods, 1454 LOC.
> You can open the Squeak Shell on top of the Morphic loop ("SqueakShell
> open") or as custom process inside the Morphic project ("SqueakShell
> openConcurrent"). You enter a SqueakShell project via: "SqueakShell
> openAsProject".
> The core of the Squeak Shell covers only 6 classes (see "SqueakShell-Core").
> There are already two applications in this project: (1) a command line and
> (2) a text editor (see "SqueakShell-Tools").
> You can use the Squeak Shell to explore all our tool extension points, which
> we use for browsing classes, inspecting objects, debugging unhandled errors
> in processes, etc. For this, take a look at SqshProject, SqshToolSet, and
> SqshUIManager.
> I am sure that there can be an even smaller kind of project. However, I am
> not so sure about the usefulness of such a project. :-)
> <http://forum.world.st/file/n4905613/shell.png> 
> Have fun!
> Marcel
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