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Mon Jul 11 22:06:00 UTC 2016

Tobias Pape uploaded a new version of EToys to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: EToys-topa.138
Author: topa
Time: 12 July 2016, 12:05:41.656363 am
UUID: 20c4c7a2-acb3-4a37-a66c-15e2f17fa329
Ancestors: EToys-pre.137

Fix spurious point in literal array

=============== Diff against EToys-pre.137 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Morph>>abstractAModel (in category '*Etoys-card in a stack') -----
  	"Find data-containing fields in me.  Make a new class, whose instance variables are named for my fields, and whose values are the values I am showing.  Use a CardPlayer for now.  Force the user to name the fields.  Make slots for text, Number Watchers, SketchMorphs, and ImageMorphs."
  	| unnamed ans player twoListsOfMorphs holdsSepData docks oldPlayer instVarNames |
  	(oldPlayer := self player) ifNotNil: 
  			[oldPlayer belongsToUniClass 
  					oldPlayer class instVarNames notEmpty 
  								inform: 'I already have a regular Player, so I can''t have a CardPlayer'.
  	twoListsOfMorphs := StackMorph discoverSlots: self.
  	holdsSepData := twoListsOfMorphs first.
  	instVarNames := ''.
  	holdsSepData do: 
  			[:ea | | iVarName | 
  			iVarName := Scanner wellFormedInstanceVariableNameFrom: ea knownName.
  			iVarName = ea knownName ifFalse: [ea name: iVarName].
  			instVarNames := instVarNames , iVarName , ' '].
  	unnamed := twoListsOfMorphs second.	"have default names"
  	instVarNames isEmpty 
  				inform: 'No named fields were found.
  Please get a halo on each field and give it a name.
  Labels or non-data fields should be named "shared xxx".'.
  	unnamed notEmpty 
  			[ans := (UIManager default
  					chooseFrom: #(
+ 						 'All other fields are non-data fields'
+ 						'Stop.  Let me give a name to some more fields'
- 						 'All other fields are non-data fields'.
- 						'Stop.  Let me give a name to some more fields'.
  					) title: 'Data fields are ' , instVarNames printString 
  								, ('\Some fields are not named.  Are they labels or non-data fields?' 
  										, '\Please get a halo on each data field and give it a name.') withCRs) = 1.
  			ans ifFalse: [^false]].
  		withIndexDo: [:mm :ind | mm setName: 'shared label ' , ind printString].
  	"Make a Player with instVarNames.  Make me be the costume"
  	player := CardPlayer instanceOfUniqueClassWithInstVarString: instVarNames
  				andClassInstVarString: ''.
  	self player: player.
  	player costume: self.
  	"Fill in the instance values.  Make docks first."
  	docks := OrderedCollection new.
  	holdsSepData do: 
  			[:morph | 
  			morph setProperty: #shared toValue: true.	"in case it is deeply embedded"
  			morph setProperty: #holdsSeparateDataForEachInstance toValue: true.
  			player class compileInstVarAccessorsFor: morph knownName.
  			morph isSyntaxMorph ifTrue: [morph setTarget: player].	"hookup the UpdatingString!!"
  			docks addAll: morph variableDocks].
  	player class newVariableDocks: docks.
  	docks do: [:dd | dd storeMorphDataInInstance: player].
  	"oldPlayer class mdict do: [:assoc | move to player].	move methods to new class?"
  	"oldPlayer become: player."
  	^true	"success"!

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