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Wed Jul 20 15:57:29 UTC 2016

Patrick Rein uploaded a new version of Tests to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tests-pre.346
Author: pre
Time: 20 July 2016, 5:57:17.403797 pm
UUID: e81ba10f-54f7-ae4d-b971-8a80bebac7ba
Ancestors: Tests-pre.345

Fixed the expected failures in the locales test to catch the current misconfiguration in the language extensions.

=============== Diff against Tests-pre.345 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: LocaleTest>>expectedFailures (in category 'testing') -----
  	^ super expectedFailures,
+ 		((NaturalLanguageTranslator translators isEmpty 
+ 			or: [(NaturalLanguageTranslator translators values collect: [:t | t localeID ]) 
+ 				asSet size = 1])
+ 			ifTrue: [#(testLocaleChanged) "no locale available to switch to"]
+ 			ifFalse: [ #()])
- 		(NaturalLanguageTranslator translators
- 			ifEmpty: [#(testLocaleChanged) "no locale available to switch to"]
- 			ifNotEmpty: [#()])

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: LocaleTest>>testIsFontAvailable (in category 'testing') -----
  	"self debug: #testIsFontAvailable"
  	<timeout: 60> "takes quite a while"
+ 	self ensureInternetConnectionTo: 'http://metatoys.org/pub/'.
  	Preferences restoreFontsAfter: [
  		| currentDefaultTextStyle |
  		currentDefaultTextStyle := TextStyle default.
  			TextStyle setDefault: (TextStyle actualTextStyles at: #Accuny).
  			(Locale isoLanguage: 'ja') languageEnvironment removeFonts.
  			self assert: (Locale isoLanguage: 'en') languageEnvironment isFontAvailable.
  			"Next test should fail after installing Japanese font"
  			self assert: (Locale isoLanguage: 'ja') languageEnvironment isFontAvailable not.
  			(Locale isoLanguage: 'ja') languageEnvironment installFont.
  			self assert: (Locale isoLanguage: 'ja') languageEnvironment isFontAvailable ]
+ 				ensure: [ TextStyle setDefault: currentDefaultTextStyle.
+ 						FileDirectory default deleteFileNamed: (Locale isoLanguage: 'ja') languageEnvironment fontFullName. ] ].!
- 				ensure: [ TextStyle setDefault: currentDefaultTextStyle ] ].!

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