[squeak-dev] Daily Commit Log

commits at source.squeak.org commits at source.squeak.org
Sat Jul 23 21:55:02 UTC 2016

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Tools-mt.708
Ancestors: Tools-mt.707

Fixes the small bug where the code holder and browser omitted to communicate the state of their buttons correctly to the pluggable button.



Name: ToolBuilder-Morphic-mt.170
Ancestors: ToolBuilder-Morphic-mt.169

Action buttons being white was surprising and overridden long time ago in PluggableButtonMorphPlus.

Still, retain the hook to build action buttions. Maybe we can distinguish them in the future like tool buttons distinguish from push buttons in other UI frameworks such as Qt.


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