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Thu Jul 28 16:04:57 UTC 2016

Levente Uzonyi uploaded a new version of GetText to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: GetText-ul.38
Author: ul
Time: 28 July 2016, 6:04:51.67039 pm
UUID: 391f6add-8779-418e-aca7-8b3f282fd463
Ancestors: GetText-mt.37

- fixed two erroneous underscore conversions

=============== Diff against GetText-mt.37 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: GetTextExporter>>dirNameCategory:translator: (in category 'exporting') -----
  dirNameCategory: category translator: translator 
  	"Answer a file name for the category. Make one if it is not exist yet.
  	Make template file name if translator is nil"
  	"self new dirNameCategory: 'Morphic-Scripting Support' translator:
  	NaturalLanguageTranslator current"
  	"self new dirNameCategory: 'Morphic-Scripting Support' translator: nil"
  	| safeCategory fileName dirName pathName |
+ 	safeCategory := category copyReplaceAll: ' ' with: '_'.
- 	safeCategory := category copyReplaceAll: ' ' with: ':='.
  	fileName := translator
  				ifNil: [safeCategory , '.pot']
  				ifNotNil: [translator localeID posixName , '.po'].
  	dirName := (safeCategory findTokens: '-')
  				inject: 'po'
  				into: [:aString :next | aString , FileDirectory slash , next].
  	pathName := dirName , FileDirectory slash , fileName.
  	(FileDirectory default directoryNamed: dirName) assureExistence.
  	^ pathName!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: GetTextExporter>>exportBody:translator: (in category 'file out') -----
  exportBody: literals translator: translator 
  	"Export a gettext file body. literals is a dictionary of keyword ->
  	#(MethodReference...) in the textDomain."
  	"Build {sortKey. comment. msgid } to optimize sorting (getting category is
  	too slow).
  	If there are two or more methods for a mgsid, only first method
  	(alphabetical) is used for sorting."
  	| sorted msgid sortedMethods category sortKey comment triplets commentUnderLined |
  	triplets := literals associations
  				collect: [:assoc | 
  					msgid := assoc key.
  					sortedMethods := assoc value asArray sort.
  					category := (Smalltalk at: sortedMethods first classSymbol) category asString.
  					sortKey := category , ',' , sortedMethods first printString , ',' , msgid.
  					comment := (sortedMethods
  								collect: [:each | each actualClass asString , '>>' , each methodSymbol asString])
  								inject: category
  								into: [:result :methodName | result , ',' , methodName].
+ 					"Replace white spaces to _ because gettext tool might
- 					"Replace white spaces to := because gettext tool might
  					replace a space to a new line some times, and it makes
  					difficult to take a diff."
+ 					commentUnderLined := comment copyReplaceAll: ' ' with: '_'.
- 					commentUnderLined := comment copyReplaceAll: ' ' with: ':='.
  						with: sortKey
  						with: commentUnderLined
  						with: msgid].
  	"Sort and output the words"
  	sorted := triplets
  				sort: [:a :b | a first <= b first].
  		do: [:triplet | 
  			comment := triplet second.
  			msgid := triplet third.
  			self exportRecordHeader: comment.
  				exportPhrase: msgid
  				translation: (self translationFor: msgid in: translator)]!

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