[squeak-dev] Re: raised & inset borders

Levente Uzonyi leves at caesar.elte.hu
Thu Nov 3 22:22:26 UTC 2016

Hi Hans-Martin,

My intention was to always initialize baseColor, because nil was used as a 
substitute of Color transparent back and forth for seemingly no reason.
I must have overlooked those #trackColorFrom: methods, and I think 
replacing ifNil: with isTransparent ifTrue: in them is the right fix.
If you have a better solution in mind, let me know. Or I'll push the above 
fix this week to the Trunk.


On Tue, 1 Nov 2016, Hans-Martin Mosner wrote:

> Looks like there is a regression with raised and inset borders. The method #initialize in SimpleBorder sets baseColor to
> "Color transparent", which prevents #trackColorFrom: in its subclasses to work correctly.
> Since it is unclear to me whether it would have unintended side effects if the initialization of baseColor was removed,
> I've added a check for transparent baseColor in all three trackColorFrom: methods, but that looks a bit ugly.
> Levente, the method is from April 2016 and carries your initials - do you remember what the motivation for this change was?
> Cheers,
> Hans-Martin

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