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Mon Nov 7 22:33:53 UTC 2016

Chris Muller uploaded a new version of Monticello to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Monticello-cmm.653
Author: cmm
Time: 7 November 2016, 4:33:48.005087 pm
UUID: 7294836f-9f43-44b0-8efd-49a5072ea1fd
Ancestors: Monticello-cmm.652

Force change in post-script so it will execute.

=============== Diff against Monticello-cmm.652 ===============

Item was changed:
+ (PackageInfo named: 'Monticello') postscript: 'MCHttpRepository initialize.'!
- (PackageInfo named: 'Monticello') postscript: 'MCHttpRepository unload; initialize.'!

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