[squeak-dev] What is the Squeak VM binaries location and configuration?

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 22:21:16 UTC 2016

Hi all, one of my workmates (who is a Smalltalk veteran) just asked me
how to run a Spur image I had given him.  That this question needs to
be asked by someone like him should tell us something about our
current VM accessibility, but the fact I was unable to give him a
straight answer, even moreso.

Shouldn't it be obvious enough even for newbies, but there are so many
plausible answers to this question which are simply incorrect:

    - squeakvm.org is only for old interpreter VM; totally misleading
to a newbie.

    - It *does* have a reference to the "Unofficial and experimental
"Cog" virtual machines" which leads new users to:


         whereupon we have "lattest" and "stable".  Great!

    - Not great, because those are actually old too.  So squeakvm.org
is just a wild-goose chase, ha ha sorry newbie..     :(

    - Sigh, okay, so what about squeak.org --> Downloads?  Surely
there's a recent VM there?

     Well, selecting the Linux (x86) link lets me download
Squeak5.1-16548-32bit-201608171728-Linux.zip.  However, this file
organizes the VM in a totally non-standard way (everything under /bin,
no /lib directory), so I didn't want to point him to that one, because
we have existing scripts which assume the legacy organization and I
don't want to wrestle with installation / configuration issues.

    - SO, I was about to let him him in on the github whipper-snapper
secret that only a few, In-The-Know Squeak Elites know about, myself,
learned only a couple of days ago!


but its this massive jumbled list of a hundred or more tar files.  I
can sort them by name, and *I* can find the right VM tarball for
myself, but how to tell someone else?   Searching that web page for
"linux32x86_squeak.cog.spur" will find just 12, from which I can
select one of the many generated all in the same day?  So is there
still a "stable" version?

Whew!  So,

    1) what is the best answer for my workmate, and
    2) how can we make this easier?


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