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Fri Sep 23 11:52:42 UTC 2016

Tim Felgentreff uploaded a new version of Morphic to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Morphic-tfel.1309
Author: tfel
Time: 23 September 2016, 1:51:11.868418 pm
UUID: 3eebde93-d50b-bb42-bbb2-1d62eeb9b93a
Ancestors: Morphic-jl.1308

when uniclasses are hidden from the global environment, we want to browse them with the InstanceBrowser

=============== Diff against Morphic-jl.1308 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Morph>>buildDebugMenu: (in category 'debug and other') -----
  buildDebugMenu: aHand
  	"Answer a debugging menu for the receiver.  The hand argument is seemingly historical and plays no role presently"
  	| aMenu aPlayer |
  	aMenu := MenuMorph new defaultTarget: self.
  	aMenu addStayUpItem.
  	(self hasProperty: #errorOnDraw) ifTrue:
  		[aMenu add: 'start drawing again' translated action: #resumeAfterDrawError.
  		aMenu addLine].
  	(self hasProperty: #errorOnStep) ifTrue:
  		[aMenu add: 'start stepping again' translated action: #resumeAfterStepError.
  		aMenu addLine].
  	aMenu add: 'inspect morph' translated action: #inspectInMorphic:.
  	aMenu add: 'inspect owner chain' translated action: #inspectOwnerChain.
  	Smalltalk isMorphic ifFalse:
  		[aMenu add: 'inspect morph (in MVC)' translated action: #inspect].
  	self isMorphicModel ifTrue:
  		[aMenu add: 'inspect model' translated target: self model action: #inspect].
  	(aPlayer := self player) ifNotNil:
  		[aMenu add: 'inspect player' translated target: aPlayer action: #inspect].
       aMenu add: 'explore morph' translated target: self selector: #exploreInMorphic:.
  	aMenu addLine.
  	aPlayer ifNotNil:
  		[ aMenu add: 'viewer for Player' translated target: self player action: #beViewed.
  	aMenu balloonTextForLastItem: 'Opens a viewer on my Player -- this is the same thing you get if you click on the cyan "View" halo handle' translated ].
  	aMenu add: 'viewer for Morph' translated target: self action: #viewMorphDirectly.
  	aMenu balloonTextForLastItem: 'Opens a Viewer on this Morph, rather than on its Player' translated.
  	aMenu addLine.
  	aPlayer ifNotNil:
  		[aPlayer class isUniClass ifTrue: [
+ 			aMenu add: 'browse player class' translated target: aPlayer selector: #haveFullProtocolBrowsedShowingSelector: argumentList: #(nil)]].
- 			aMenu add: 'browse player class' translated target: aPlayer action: #browseHierarchy]].
  	aMenu add: 'browse morph class' translated target: self selector: #browseHierarchy.
  	(self isMorphicModel)
  		ifTrue: [aMenu
  				add: 'browse model class'
  				target: self model
  				selector: #browseHierarchy].
  	aMenu addLine.
  	self addViewingItemsTo: aMenu.
  		add: 'make own subclass' translated action: #subclassMorph;
  		add: 'save morph in file' translated  action: #saveOnFile;
  		add: 'call #tempCommand' translated action: #tempCommand;
  		add: 'define #tempCommand' translated action: #defineTempCommand;
  		add: 'control-menu...' translated target: self selector: #invokeMetaMenu:;
  		add: 'edit balloon help' translated action: #editBalloonHelpText.
  	^ aMenu!

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