[Vm-dev] Nuking VM ImageSegment support (was Re: [squeak-dev] Daily Commit Log; System-bf.916)

Jakob Reschke jakob.reschke at student.hpi.de
Fri Sep 23 14:36:39 UTC 2016

Hi Vaidotas,

I cannot reproduce this. In my current trunk image where I
coincidentally try to get familiar with Environments to put them to
use, I can save morphs without a debugger appearing. Loading via drag
and drop works as well (though the option "load as morph" appears
twice in the dialog that prompts me for an action after the drop).

Does Morph saving depend on ImageSegments anyway?

Best regards,

2016-09-23 16:10 GMT+02:00 Vaidotas Didžbalis <vaidasd at gmail.com>:
> Hello all,
> To save morph and restore it is a basic behavior which is broken since
> Squeak 4.5. This is a bug. Beginning from 4.5 new Squeak user will get a
> debugger window open in a few clicks. This bug happened as a side effect of
> pushing Environments package into the Squeak image beginning from Squeak
> 4.5. No one uses Environments; there are significant use for morph saving.
> Squeak needs this ability. Maybe it is easier to remove Environments from
> stock Image and to fix the bug introduced by that package.
> Introduction of new packages need not to break useful things...
> regards,
> Vaidotas

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