[squeak-dev] Backward image and VM compatibility

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Thu Jan 12 19:04:36 UTC 2017

>> >
>> > But I have to ask ... how in the world did you figure this out?
> Well, debugging the startup code is actually quite comfortable using my VM
> debugger (https://lively-web.org/users/bert/squeak.html). It shows the
> call
> stack, current frame, and byte code, and lets you set a break point, and
> single-step through the code. Someone should make a similar UI for the
> Squeak VM Simulator :)
> So what I did is pause the VM when the startup didn't finish, look up the
> call stack to see where things went wrong, set a break point for that
> method, run again, and then single-step to where it goes wrong.
> At least I think that's what I did, because right now I can't get it to
> malfunction even when I disable the flag ... where exactly did it break
> for you?

The image runs and browsers work normally. But open a workspace and
evaluate "2 + 2" and you will see the error.


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