[squeak-dev] FileList2>listForPattern(s): and MessageSend abuse

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Tue Oct 3 19:59:40 UTC 2017

FileList2 has both #listForPattern: and #listForPatterns: I cannot find any usage of the #listForPattern: and it also looks like it might be a left over from some EToys experiment. Given the possibilities of confusion between the tow I’d prefer to remove it.

Both methods also try to handle having the fileSelectionBlock be a MessagesSend, and do it horribly. Using #isKindOf: is not a nice thing. 
a) I can’t find any place where a MessageSend is actually meaningfully used except an EToys method where a Block would be at least as good and easier to understand, so why even have the option?
b) the usage seems poor - why set the arguments, evaluate the MS and then empty the arguments instead of simply treating it as a Block? I might be missing some subtlety of MessageSend I suppose, but given the mess of code in that class I wouldn’t be surprised.

Does anyone know why we shouldn’t remove #listForPattern: and clean out the (mis)use of MessageSend in #listForPatterns: ?

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