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Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Thu Oct 19 07:03:21 UTC 2017

Nice! Seems to work somehow. Graphics are kind of messed up:

Still, it is running. It reacts to user input. :)

Am 19.10.2017 08:48:20 schrieb H. Hirzel <hannes.hirzel at gmail.com>:
Update: It is now possible to load a project such as home.pr into the
6.0a trunk image.
Drop a pr file (downloaded from
https://freudenbergs.de/bert/squeakjs/Etoys/Home.007.pr) onto the
desktop and it loads without blocking. This is due to fixes done this
month so far.

The following notes are written in a way that you can jump in helping
to finalize Etoys project loading and setup without having read the
earlier messages in this thread.


1. Walkback window left on screen after loading

A walk-back window still comes up after home.pr has been loaded.
The reason for this still needs to be found out. But just closing the
window does not seem to have a negative effect to the functioning of
the etoys project.

2. Etoys tiles (TileMorph)

Incrementing and decrementing values in tiles has been fixed so that
it is possible to use the project. It was a problem related to the
Environment code.

More tests using the tiles are needed to see if there are more
problems such as this.

3. Loading pr files

Please help testing with loading different pr files. Other loading
problems are likely to come up. Focus on projects created with Etoys5.
( http://squeakland.org/download/).

Etoys 5.0 uses the image format 6502
(http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6502). Loading of this format is done
in Smalltalk code (not VM code) in 6.0a trunk (class
LegacyImageSegment / ImageSegmentLoader). [1]

SmartRefStream does the conversion of the loaded objects if necessary.

4. Cleanup of a loaded project

A loaded project is not yet properly set up. The button 'previous
project' does not work.

To fix this

EtoysProject >> #finalEnterActions:

needs to be set up.

The call

self world actionMap removeKey: #aboutToLeaveWorld

as discussed earlier in this thread is one a cleanup actions to be here.

When loading a pr file an instance of MorphicProject is created as currently


has not been mapped yet in SmartRefStream initKnownRenames. This needs
to be done.



[1] There are quite a number of etoys pr files around which are not in
the 6502 format.

To fix this other versions of LegacyImageSegment / ImageSegmentLoader
are probably necessary.

On 10/14/17, Marcel Taeumel wrote:
> Hi Hannes,
> if you have project instances that need clean-up, you can put that code at
> one of several checkpoints:
> - entering a project (EtoysProject >> #finalEnterActions:)
> - leaving a project (EtoysProject >> #finalExitActions:)
> - loading/merging a Monticello package (see postLoad scripts)
> - quitting the Squeak image (EtoysProject class >> #shutDown:)
> - resuming the Squeak image (EtoysProject class >> #startUp:)
> - loading a ChangeSet (see postLoad scripts)
> Or if you plan to persist Etoys project in the file system, clean them up
> manually (e.g. with a workspace and object inspector) and write the clean
> version back to disk for everybody to share.
> Best,
> Marcel
> Am 14.10.2017 12:21:20 schrieb H. Hirzel :
> Thank you Dave for reviewing and merging and committing
> Morphic-hjh.1349.mcz.
> One of the next issues is that the loaded Etoys project has a key
> #aboutToLeaveWorld
> in the actionMap which causes an error message to appear when leaving
> the project.
> Executing
> Project current world actionMap removeKey: #aboutToLeaveWorld
> or just
> self world actionMap removeKey: #aboutToLeaveWorld
> if not called from a workspace
> solves that problem.
> But I am not sure if this is the right thing to do and where to put this.
> The event mechanism is not used much in Squeak6.0a. (see thread:
> 'PasteUpMorph>>#removeModalWindow has been deprecated --- what do we
> need to do?', in particular answer by Bob Arning')
> Another issue is that
> SugarNavigatorBar showSugarNavigator: true.
> needs to be called.
> A third question: In which directory should the three projects to preload
> stay?
> ( Section 3 on http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6531)
> Smalltalk imagePath
> ?
> --Hannes
> On 10/13/17, H. Hirzel wrote:
>> Thank you Bert for the links to the regular three projects (home,
>> gallery, tutorials) and the background information.
>> Update
>> -----------
>> for the most recent trunk image Squeak6.0a-17417 with
>> Morphic-hjh.1349.mcz loaded manually from the inbox:
>> https://freudenbergs.de/bert/squeakjs/Etoys/Home.007.pr
>> loads, and works but brings up an error window regarding a #script1.
>> The car is moving around.
>> To leave the project you need to open a workspace and paste and execute
>> Project current world actionMap removeKey: #aboutToLeaveWorld
>> The menu entry 'previous project' works fine.
>> - Hannes -
>> On 10/10/17, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> On Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 2:17 AM, David T. Lewis
>>> wrote:
>>>> On Fri, Oct 06, 2017 at 03:48:56PM +0200, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>>> > It's all class-based. E.g. if the shape of a class changed (new /
>>>> > renamed
>>>> > inst vars) that class can provide a "conversion method" that creates
>>>> > an
>>>> > instance with the new layout from the old inst vars (that are loaded
>>>> > as
>>>> > a
>>>> > dictionary). There still is a preference (conversionMethodsAtFileOut)
>>>> that
>>>> > used to prompt people to provide these conversion methods when they
>>>> changed
>>>> > a class. But it didn't survive the transition to Monticello, we now
>>>> > have
>>>> to
>>>> > remember to write conversion methods for instances that may be stored
>>>> > in
>>>> a
>>>> > project.
>>>> To check my understanding, the "conversion method" might be something
>>>> like
>>>> #storeDataOn: and #readDataFrom:size: like what I described for
>>>> DateAndTime,
>>>> is that right?
>>> ​No, it's those weirdly-named methods like Hannes just made
>>> in Morphic-hjh.1349.mcz. The store / read methods aren't used
>>> per-object.
>>> This
>>> would have been too expensive back in the interpreter days on slow CPUs,
>>> that's why the project is stored as an image-segment, and the segment is
>>> written to a SmartRefStream with its out-pointers (references to objects
>>> outside the segment, e.g. classes).
>>> The SmartRefStream is only used to resolve the class references from the
>>> ImageSegment that stores the project.
>>>> This is different from the Etoys home screen (the clouds and
>>>> drive-a-car)
>>>> > which is simply a project that would be loaded by the deployment
>>>> > script
>>>> > that creates an Etoys image. It does not have to ship with the
>>>> > general
>>>> > Squeak image.
>>>> I do not know if it will make sense, but I guess my mental image is an
>>>> Etoys "deployed image" hosted inside my regular Squeak trunk image. So
>>>> I
>>>> guess that I am thinking of the "clouds and drive-a-car" project being
>>>> loaded the first time that I create a new EtoysProject from normal
>>>> Squeak,
>>>> and that somehow the subsequent project navigation within that new
>>>> "hosted"
>>>> Etoys would behave is if I were in a stand-alone Etoys image. Finally,
>>>> I would want to be able to escape back to my normal Squeak.
>>> ​That sounds good :)
>>> - Bert -​

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