[squeak-dev] Changes to Browser building/opening

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Oct 21 03:12:24 UTC 2017

On Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 09:29:06PM -0400, David T. Lewis wrote:
> Package Morphic has a comment added to browseClassFromIt that says "OK, so
> do we actually need to go via systemNavigation or is ToolSet ok". I don't
> know the answer ... good question for the squeak-dev list but I fear that
> the method comment may sit there for the next 20 years without an answer ;-)

D'oh, I see it now. For TextEditor>>browseClassFromIt the answer is no we
do not need to go via SystemNavigation. And there are four other senders of
SystemNavigation>>spawnHierarchyForClass:selector: that could also be
changed to refer directly to ToolSet.

On the other hand, knowing about the hierarchy for a class seems to be more
naturally a responsibility of a SystemNavigation than of a ToolSet, especially
since the responsibilities of class ToolSet are rather vague (it seems
to be just an assortment of class side utility methods). So even though
#spawnHierarcyForClass:selector: is using ToolSet, the method seems well
placed in SystemNavigation.

I'd say leave it alone.


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