[squeak-dev] sudo apt-get install NuScratch fails in 2017-09-07-raspbian-stretch-lite

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Oct 21 18:42:57 UTC 2017

> On 21-10-2017, at 11:06 AM, Louis LaBrunda <Lou at Keystone-Software.com> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> I installed the file from the link you gave me but still no luck.  I see the SqueakDebug log
> attachment doesn't look very good so below are parts of it.  I still think I'm missing
> something, drivers, an interface, something?

My best guess is that you don’t have pigpio installed, which would make some sense for Raspbian lite. If you open a terminal and try 
you should get something like
2017-10-21 11:39:00 initCheckPermitted: 
|Sorry, you don't have permission to run this program.    |
|Try running as root, e.g. precede the command with sudo. |

Can't initialise pigpio library

back if it is installed. And if not, I guess you’d get some ‘command not found’ error.
I’ve not needed to try it (my first installs were from source because it wasn’t in by default and then after that it was there by default) but I imagine installing pigpio would be 
`sudo apt-get install pigpio`

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