[squeak-dev] Changes to Browser building/opening

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Oct 21 19:07:15 UTC 2017

Thanks for taking a look at this so quickly Dave. 

In fact you were *so* quick that you got the slightly broken changeset I replaced within a few minutes! That removed the definitely spurious#modalFileSelectorForPattern: method which was a left-over from the work I was originally doing for the save-as stuff. I also cleaned out a few no-longer used methods.

The comments about confusion have clearly served their purpose in alerting reviewers to stuff I didn’t resolve. It’s nice to know they got read :-)  The follow up must be to actually do a better commenting job on the systemnavigation/toolset/standardtoolset/systembrowser/uimanager side.

I’m also interested in suggestions for updating the BrowserTest>>#testBuildMessageCategoryBrowserEditString method to do something meaningful with the partial-edit text; right now the browser opens and sort of sticks there because of the ‘do you want to cancel’ dialogue. And indeed, does the reinstated partial-edit stuff actually do what we want? It’s been quite a while since it worked and I had completely forgotten about it.

As a follow up on the untested MVC effects, I have confusing news. A fully updated image lets me open an MVC project and make browsers etc, although they look a bit odd with some parts coloured and some monochrome. I get quite a lot of uncleared gribbleys on the display when moving them. Also my first attempt to load my changes from within the MVC project (just in case) was stymied by a very broken FileList that completely messed up trying to navigate directories. Eventually I was able to open a file view on my changes. An attempt to file it in was problematic because the menu looks like this - 

It might take a moment to spot that the ‘more…’ is not at the bottom and clicking on the ‘filein entire file’ crashes because the index in to the menu was 21 (I think - way greater than the number of elements anyway) !
Eventually I selected the entire text and used the ‘filein selection’, which loaded the code ok. Opening a browser or workspace seemed fine at this point, so that implies my changes didn’t break anything directly involved.  Still trying to work out what might be wrong.

tim Rowledge; tim at rowledge.org; http://www.rowledge.org/tim
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