[squeak-dev] HtmlParser MNU: ByteString>>replaceHtmlCharRefs

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Sun Oct 22 17:37:38 UTC 2017

'From Squeak3.4 of 1 March 2003 [latest update: #5170] on 29 March 2003 
at 6:47:54 pm'
"Change Set:        RemoveScamper
Date:            29 March 2003
Author:            Adam Spitz

Removes Scamper from the image (assuming all references to it have 
already been removed)."

StringremoveSelector: #replaceHtmlCharRefs.
Smalltalk organization removeCategoriesMatching: 'Network-HTML*'.
Smalltalk organization removeCategoriesMatching: 'Network-Web Browser'.

Utilities informUser: 'Removing Scamper thumbnails from Tools flap and 
PartsBin. Please wait...' during: [
     PartsBin clearThumbnailCache.
     PartsBin cacheAllThumbnails.
     Flaps replaceToolsFlap.

On 10/22/17 1:05 PM, Bernhard Pieber wrote:
> Dear Squeakers,
> I tried to parse an HTML file like this in a trunk image and ran into a MNU:
> FileStream fileNamed: ’some.html’ do: [:stream | HtmlParser parse: stream]
> In HtmlText>>#initialize the message #replaceHtmlCharRefs is sent. I suppose this method was once the image. Otherwise HtmlParser would never have worked. How can I find out, when it got lost? How would you do it?
> Cheers,
> Bernhard

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