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Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Sun Oct 29 03:59:14 UTC 2017

On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 12:00 AM, henry <henry at callistohouse.club> wrote:

> I disabled vatId authorization in version 3, located in SessionOperations>>processIWant
> | SessionOperations>>processIAm:.
> I was asked to disseminate my news to Pharo Users, hello there. I was
> asked to describe ParrotTalk well, provide use cases and adopters of its
> use. Alright, I will give an attempt.
> ParrotTalk is an encrypted connection framework. Currently allowing
> anonymous 2048-bit key negotiation to establish user-provided encryption
> cipher and user-provided encoding and decoding, both through a provided
> SessionAgentMap to a starting SessionAgent server. Please look in the test
> case ThunkHelloWorldTest for building these maps and running a connection
> iwth data passing after encryption is established. There is a 4-way
> negotiation, from ProtocolOffered/Accepted to Go/GoToo. In using RSA 2048
> signature validation and DH 2048 primes to establish the key used within
> the selected Cipher. The Cipher and Encoder are selected by name through
> the negotiation protocol. Currently three Ciphers are selectable, AESede,
> DESede, and DES. There are two encoders tested, asn1der, and Bytes. This
> protocol is described here, in this document.
> https://github.com/ZiroZimbarra/callistohouse/blob/master/docs/
> ParrotTalkFrameDesign-3.5.pdf
> For as to use cases, this encrypted connection has no third party,
> man-in-the-middle situation by not using Certificates. As such, this is a
> tight implementation of NSA-proof encryption without explicit authorization
> beyond knowledge of a host:port. The use cases involve any communication
> desired to be encrypted with such high encryption. The support will last my
> lifetime, so we have a settled solution, here in the third version,
> provided here. It requires version 111 of Cryptography, as a prerequisite.
> Both run on Squeak and Pharo.
> http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography/Cryptography-zzz.111.mcz
> http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography/ParrotTalk-HenryHouse.3.mcz
> The current use is with my hubbub system, a promise-based distributed
> object implementation. I am working to bring ParrotTalk to Java and allow
> hubbub to operate interdependently between Squeak, Pharo, Java and any
> other languages which can support ParrotTalk and STON. My latest efforts
> with hubbub are to bring STON as the Layer 6 encoding. Hubbub depends on
> eLinda.

Took me a while to track down what eLinda was.  I presume its an
implementation of Linda "a model of coordination and communication among
several parallel processes operating upon objects stored in and retrieved
from shared, virtual, associative memory"

cheers -ben
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